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Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent

Modern Foreign Languages at Grace Academy Coventry provides students with the powerful knowledge they require in order to understand and communicate effectively over a range of topics, and become a capable linguist within a given language. Common words form the basis from which students will build their understanding, alongside grammatical structures, tenses, and the oracy and fluency required for authenticity. Retrieval practice is key in assessing student application of accents, definite articles and gender nouns.

The curriculum at KS3 is directly sequenced to provide a platform of key knowledge that helps students contextualise their future learning. Students study modules that are relatable, such as their careers, their family and their leisure time. 

Modern Foreign Languages at Grace Academy gives students the opportunity to experience different cultures, building inclusivity and confident learners. At its core is the idea of an experience: an experience that encourages students to celebrate diversity and have a tangible set of skills for life.

This term, we are studying…



Why this? Why now?

Year 7

Sports & hobbies

As our last topic in Year 7, we will make sure to consolidate opinions and justifications about what we do in our free time. We will be able to express our preferences extensively in Writing about sports and hobbies.

Year 8

Food and drink

As our last topic in Year 8, we will ensure we can talk about our dietary preferences, meaning we can also write about what we like to eat and drink and give a reason for our opinions. We will also be able to write in at least 2 tenses, referring to both present and future tenses regarding food and drink.

Year 9

Spanish-/ French-speaking celebrities

As our last topic in Year 9, we will ensure to be able to write accurately in 3 tenses – past, present and future. This topic allows students to talk about and describe celebrities/famous people. They will talk about why they are famous, their achievements and lifestyle and will give your opinion about their activities and to discuss their influence on young people and wider society. Finally, they will describe events involving famous people (eg topics previously covered: sport, music, film, TV and technology).

Year 10


Throughout this topic, we will build up sentences to structure a paragraph about a past holiday but also referring to a future holiday as we are coming across a Writing exam-style task of 150-word.

Year 11

Exam skills and revision

We will start off by ensuring we are ready for the Speaking exam through practice of the Photo Card, the Role Play and the General Conversation questions (mainly checking for tenses and opinions). Then, we will focus on the Reading and Listening skills and finish off with the Writing paper which involves revision of grammar and tenses.

Qualification information:

Curriculum content:

Attached are the curriculum maps which outline the sequence we use in order to structure our learning. If you would like to support your child's learning, we have attached links to Oak National Academy who provide lessons, activities and resources for commonly taught topics. Please use the curriculum map for this subject before visiting:

Our Values

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