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Curriculum Intent

The Music Curriculum at Grace Academy Coventry is a knowledge-based and skills-based curriculum, which provides students with the powerful knowledge needed to compose/ create, perform and respond to Music.

In KS3, pupils will develop an understanding of how to perform on a range of instruments including keyboard, ukulele and a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments. During KS4, pupils will be able to choose their preferred instrument.

Students across both key stages will have the opportunity to compose/ create music through developing an understanding of music theory, composing techniques, musical processes and notation.

Topics covered provide pupils with the opportunity to improve communication skills, creativity, performance skills and composing skills. It allows them to consider music from around the world, how music has changed over the years, how musical features are used in genres including Reggae, Blues and Gamelan and the impact music can have in the media.

We aspire to open students’ eyes to the vast scope of opportunity and experiences available within the Music industry and teach them to appreciate a range of musical genres which may not have otherwise been explored. As such, the Music curriculum includes the following:

  • Music theory – understanding written notation, musical symbols and tablature
  • Instrumental families – understanding the orchestra and identifying instruments
  • Performing skills – using a range of instruments to develop accurate techniques
  • Composing skills – understanding and using a range of composing methods to suit particular feelings and settings
  • Musical elements – understanding how to make noise into music
  • Key vocabulary – understanding a range of musical vocabulary including Italian and Latin terms to describe music heard

This foundational knowledge enables students to:

  • Perform music
  • Compose music
  • Listen to and Appraise music

Our curriculum enables cross curricular links between Drama (musical theatre, music in the media), PSHE (Blues, lives of composers) DT (instrument maintenance and repair, technical instrument setup), History (the development of music from the middle ages through to modern music), Geography (music from around the world and its social impact).

Pupils at Grace Academy are offered instrumental lessons on a range of instruments. These lessons are free of charge for 20 minutes each week with visiting professional staff. They are given the opportunity to attend extra-curricular activities which currently includes a school choir and a ukulele club. Pupils are encouraged to perform in a variety of events during the school year allowing them to showcase their developing skills as a musician.

This term, we are studying:



Why this? Why now?

Year 7

Keyboard / Ukulele Skills 

This topic visits skills including: reading notation, clef identification from sight and performance skills.This topic identifies the basic skills required to be able to perform on Keyboard and Ukulele using correct technique. Students will learn how to read a variety of music notation including: treble clef staff notation, chord charts and tablature. They will look at reading basic notation which will be built upon during the KS3 into KS4 music journey.

Students are given opportunities to perform: as a soloist, with peers and as a whole class ensemble.

Through this topic, students will develop performing, listening and appraising skills.

Year 8

Blues Music

This topic revisits the skills of practical techniques, identification of rhythm and notation from Year 7.This topic will look into the history of Blues and the fundamentals of Blues Music and how it is still relevant today. Students will have opportunities to hear various examples of Blues Music to aid their understanding and to demonstrate  this by performing 12 Bar Blues.

Additionally, students will have opportunities to learn pieces, expressively make it their own and play as an ensemble.

Students will continue to build skills in reading notation, performing and appraising.

Year 9

Music Tech

This topic revisits the skills of: editing audio, producing, mixing and mastering music from Year 8, giving them the opportunities to refine and enhance their use of musical technology. Students will identify mixing techniques and will have opportunities to demonstrate understanding by producing an arrangement in a particular style.

Through this topic, students will develop composing, listening and appraising skills.


Curriculum content:

Attached are the curriculum maps which outline the sequence we use in order to structure our learning. If you would like to support your child's learning, we have attached links to Oak National Academy who provide lessons, activities and resources for commonly taught topics. Please use the curriculum map for this subject before visiting:

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