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Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

We deliver a high quality, knowledge rich curriculum that intends to inspire pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport through a happy, safe and enjoyable environment. This allows students to develop into enthusiastic learners who can ultimately develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.

The facilities available at Grace Academy are high class, which allows our students to experience a variety of types of sport and physical activities while gaining a knowledge and understanding of what a healthy active lifestyle consists of within physical education. This is reinforced through our enrichment timetable and fixtures where we promote students to develop their academic, cultural, mental and moral compass whilst still encouraging a competitive edge.

Within KS3 core physical education, students will experience a variety of different sports which come under the categories of Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Invasion, Net and Wall, Striking and Fielding, Creative Movement, Track Athletics and Field Athletics. Students will progress through the transferable skills between sports within these categories. KS4 and KS5 core physical education continues the development of leading a healthy lifestyle through applying student voice on the types of sports they want to continue developing in while having the option to change every 5 weeks unit blocks.

Students learn how to analyse and evaluate performance and develop their leadership skills, as well as understanding the concepts of fitness training and programming. Our curriculum enables students to discover and develop knowledge and equips them with the progressive routes and successive careers in the sports industry.

This term, we are studying… 

Core PE



Why this? Why now?

KS3 Core PE



Track and Field




Field and Track

Boys will start on track athletics while girls will start on field athletics due to the amount of equipment available and also considering indoor and outdoor space available.


Students are participating in athletics at this point in the year to get an early preparation for sports day to build confidence in a range of activities to represent their tutor group. Sports day will have a competitive points system to determine a winning tutor group.


Additionally to this, there is also the annual Coventry Athletics Event which is held at Warwick University where students have the opportunity to use high class facilities while also competing against other schools' higher ability athletes. If students perform well within the track and/or field event. They will be invited back for regional competitions against schools within warwickshire.

KS4 Core PE

Physical activity options

This term we are offering different sports and physical activities to maintain high levels of physical participation accompanied with our student voice of choice of activities. The activities on offer are Gym Suite, Football and Multisports in the activity hall (Bench Ball, Dodgeball and Fitness Classes)

We offer the gym suite all year round due to the limitations of 24 students at one time due to health and safety. This is the final opportunity for football as the football season is coming to an end. Multisports is also an option for students to have a variety of different structured games.




Why this? Why now?

Year 10


C2: Socio-cultural issues in sport

Students will begin to analyse the socio-cultural issues within sport surrounding healthy trends, influence on participation and commercialisation.


Towards the end of term focus will then turn to sports psychology where the focus will be on goal setting and mental preparation.


These topics will then make up content that will be included within their AP3 exam.

Year 11

BTEC Tech award in Sport

Component 3: Summer Exam Re-sit

Students are currently revisiting component 3 content from the January exam. Within lessons students are having targeted revision to weaker areas on reflection of their first test. 

Sixth form:



Why this? Why now?






Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology



Unit 3: Professional development in the Sports Industry

Scope and provision of the sports industry

Having an understanding of body systems is imperative in the sports industry. You will use this knowledge and understanding to determine the interrelationships between body systems for sports performance. This unit is delivered in examination question order.  You will be learning about the effects of exercise and sports performance on the energy systems.  Students will be recapping previous topic areas with a focus on the main weaknesses first. Exam is on 15th May 2024. 


Following the exam, students will explore the knowledge and skills required for different career pathways in the sports industry. 






Unit 2: Fitness training and programming for health, fitness and wellbeing

Common terminology, nutritional strategies and components of a balanced diet. 


Unit 5: Application of fitness testing

The principles of fitness testing

In this unit, students will explore the process of screening information and assessing their nutritional intake. 

You will be learning about programme related nutritional needs and also complete exam practice for varied, individual learning aims in readiness for the external exam series which is on 2nd May 2024. 


Sports performers need to be able to maintain, and often improve, their fitness levels in order to determine their baseline measures. . You will gain an understanding of the principles of fitness testing and the requirements of fitness testing and learn how to safely conduct a range of fitness tests for different components of fitness (unit 2 content). The topics will be delivered in order of the BTEC assignment brief so that the work can be accessed at the correct time.  This unit lends itself to a more practical delivery which finishes the course on a lighter note whilst you have other examinations to complete for other subjects. 




Why this? Why now?





Unit 5: Application of fitness testing

Explore fitness tests for different components of fitness, administration of tests. 


Undertake evaluation  and feedback of fitness test results. 


PPT presentation delivery.  Content/tasks are delivered in line with verified BTEC assignment briefs. 

You will be administering all of the fitness tests that you have selected for your performer based on all of the fitness tests explored previously. You will then need to write a report analysing this and justify suggestions for improvement. 

Qualification information:

Our Values

We can achieve so much more than we think we can


Success doesn’t happen by mistake


Everyone deserves to feel valued and important


Honesty and doing the right thing are what really counts


Life is better with fresh starts and second chances